What we do

Sahara Kenya Project operates from the UK. The project has been set up to help the elderly and poor people in Kenya overcome their suffering endured due to lack of life’s basic necessities.

We organise fundraising events and the money raised helps with our activities that include providing housing and shelter to the elderly, poor and homeless people in Kenya.

We are a non-political organization and the charity receives no government funding.

We have strong feelings that it is simply a human right to have access to basic essentials such as clean water, shelter and food. Therefore, whilst building and providing shelter is one of our major priorities, we also work on other programmes to eliminate poverty that focus on:

  • Provision of clean and safe water
  • Giving food to people in poverty
  • Education – establishing a local community centre to provide educational facilities and rebuilding a Mosque for the local community

We work with all in need in Kenya, regardless of their race, religion, gender, nationality or political opinion.

We want to ensure that individuals can have access to basic necessities and in the long term develop the skills necessary to generate an income so that they can become independent and break the cycle of poverty.

Sahara Kenya Project also recognises the excellent work of other charities and so far the project has donated to the ‘East Africa Appeal’ and also regularly donates to ‘Sight savers’, ‘The British Heart Foundation’ and ‘Cancer Research UK’.

Our Vision is:

  • To provide basic amenities for those in need
  • Education should be available for everyone
  • Poverty should be alleviated

As a result this should create a tolerant world where charity, empathy and kindness produce equality, independence and human development.

We truly believe that if all societies work together and understand how to respect human rights we can eradicate poverty.

Our mission

To work with the poor and tackle poverty to ensure that all individuals and their communities have the right to enjoy a life with dignity.

Our values

  • To recognise the value of diversity, equality and justice.
  • Mutual respect for all and ensuring an equal opportunity to everyone.
  • Being accountable at all levels for our actions and ensuring that our work has the greatest impact.
  • To understand the bigger picture – we are part of a wider alliance against poverty.
  • To be open and transparent with supporters of the project – we are accountable to the Charity Commission and its regulations as is necessary for us to operate as a charity.