“A pleasure to work with, a great cause and the people are awesome.”
Adam Ali

“I have had the opportunity to work with SKP on many projects. They are a very sincere and hard working charity that is family run. They are making a massive impact on the lives of many individuals. You too can help and be part of this inspiring initiative.” Ahmad Hussain – Nasheed Artist.

“The need to give generously and to show concern for those who need mercy is as great today it has ever been. The Sahara Kenya Project is the perfect vehicle providing us a means to express our desire to give. I wish this worthwhile charity all the best in the future.” Khaleel Muhammed

“Sahara Kenya Project are an inspiration to us because they are doing the much needed work in Kenya. A trustworthy family run charity that are doing the real work. May Allah swt bless them in this life and the next.” Mecca2Medina

‘Nice charity and Organisation Mash’Allah TabarakAllah’ Omar Esa